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    Coatings Consultants Group Inc. is an organization which provides technical support to coatings and paint manufacturers, end users, and applicators. A combination of in-house capabilities and affiliated laboratories provides a full range of testing and analysis.

    Unlike most independent laboratories servicing the paint and coatings industry, our forte is in product development. Be it modification of an existing product to change a physical or performance characteristic, development of a new product to meet specific requirements or development of a family of products to compete in a specific marketplace. All of our development utilizes the most current technology to ensure our customers of optimum performance at competitive cost.

    The creativity, flexibility and technology we offer, gives our customers the maximum return on investment. We are capable in most any paint and coatings area.

    We invite all inquiries!

    Coatings Consultants Group, Inc.

    114 Sullivan Drive
    P.O. Box 89
    Georgetown, Fl. 32139
    Phone: 386-467-1995
    Fax: 386-467-8645
    Email: paintanswers@hotmail.com

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